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01-2011: Oh my god, we didn't do much with our website for a loooong time, but now things are changing this year.
We started the year with a great party at one of the best locations ever! In the watertower in Delft on 50 meters in the sky we blasted of for a new year!
And we have good news. On the 12th of March we will be having a new FORM in Delft. At the Koornbeurs FORM will be presenting a new visual concept and a whole different style of music. Soon more!

03-2010: It has been a while, but FORM is still among the living! At the 23rd of April, FORM will be attending BK Beats in Delft. With visuals by our crew (Jarno Visuals and Rash1981) in the south-area and R@W! behind the decks in the east-area, FORM is well represented @ the biggest student festival in the Netherlands!
Check for more info.

Back once again for the very best of FORM!
On the 29th of August FORM will be back at Speakers Delft. Because some of the dj's are already 20 years in tha business (Doc Rogers) it's time to look back on what we achieved the last decades. And how can we do that?? With a party of course.
This time, old Speakers residents Robin Sl and James Nidecker will climb the stairs of our stages on which live photoshopping will be achieved by altijd stiekem tekenen en knutselen and veejays Rash 1981 and Pixelshift.
Dj Remedy will be present also, of course ;)

So check it out: FORM - 29 August 2009 - Special Edition

Check out the latest pictures in the mediadepartment. The pics of last years FORM @ Speakers, 6th of December!
For the time being, FORM will have a little break. Due to a shortage of new challenges, FORM will be spending their time promoting their shows through out the country. If you think u know why FORM has to pay a visit to your club, send us an email to

For now, have a great 2009, and we keep u updated on FORM activities.

In two weeks FORM wil be back one more time, with a special birthday techno edition. With dj's Remedy and A.Ka celebrating their birthdays and performing this evening, this FORM will be a special one. Playing back2back, Remedy and Meister will open the evening. After the set by A.Ka our special guest JAMES NIDECKER will blow you away. Martyro shall close the evening in style!
Visuals will be brought by Jarno visuals and Rash 1981 while our art team will give a new meaning to our defenition about art at parties!
Seven euro's, no presale, Speakers Delft

A month allready went by, but WE HAVE THE PICTURES!!! ;) Pictures from 30 August where Pornologic gave an energetic set for an empty Speakers (thanx for the fans who were on the terras, or drunk at home from Westerpop), Shameboy rocked the house, our residents Remedy and Meister proofed to be true residents when they took the mood to a higher level and Warren Fellow set roof on fire.
Take a look in the media section for the images.

Next up....6 December: FORM's birthday bash with djs Remedy and A.Ka getting a year older!

Next Saturday (30 August) FORM will having their final party this season at Speakers Delft. And how can we close a fantastic one and a half years? With the best line-up ever. The sun will be shining next saturday, but that's no reason to stay on the terras...NONONO! Get in for the best party this summer with Pornologic (22.00), Shameboy (23.30), Remedy&Meister (00.45) and Warren Fellow (02.00)!!! Get those tickets at Speakers Bar, Sounds Delft or the local post offices (ticketservice online is closed). Ceeya than!

Four acts have allready confirmed for the FORM party at Speakers, 30 August 2008!
With Live:
Resident dj's: Meister & Remedy!
The last will also be performing @ this years Fast Forward Danceparade (FFWD)!!!
And did you have seen the visuals at last weekends summerfestival in Delft? Expect even more on the 30th of August in Speakers.

27 June FORM will be having a massive party at Paard in Den Haag.
Together with het Paard we created a huge line-up with the Longplayers, who will be releasing their new album Intercom, and from New York City....Princess Superstar!!!! Check the info and dates section for details.

Next week 6 June FORM @ SnC Summerfestival TU Delft, with lots of live performances like Ravage!Ravage! and The Longplayers, who will be giving a try-out of their new album!

FORM 30 April, the biggest FORM so far...
During this years Queensday party, FORM will bring almost every Delft dj that performed at one of our parties in a 14 hour special!!!

We kick off at the bar The Tango. This small bar is holding a 5 year ! Queensday reputation which needs no further introduction. From the warm progressive sounds by Dj Steelo and the crackin' tech-house records by Robin Sl (who's hosting this area for the very last time...) until the pounding breaks by LP Tyer and the classics by the lovely dj Daze!
After that (with a two hour overlap) we continue our FORM Q-day Special at Speakers. For the fifth time in we will show what a FORM party is all about!
The time-tabel:

At The Tango:

15:00-17:00 Dj Steelo
17:00-20:00 Dj Robin Sl (last time at the Tango, snik)
20:00-22:00 Dj LP Tyer (longplayers)
22:00-23:00 Dj Remedy
23:00-01:00 Dj Daze

At Speakers:

23:00-00:00 Dj Id�fixe
00:00-01:00 Dj PM
01:00-02:00 Dj Doc Rogers
02:00-03:30 FunkFirst Dj's
03:30-05:00 Dj A.Ka

Be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FORM 23 february, the story continues...
Also in 2008 FORM will try to bring you the best music, arts en visuals in one concept! On the 23rd of February FORM is proud to announce the following line-up:

DJ delaSarge (known for his Kraak & Smaak dj-performances and many gigs @ Paard Van Troje) will support a new talent on the block, DJ Offshore (also Paard Van Troje).

Another new talent is DJ A.Ka from Delft. With his fresh new techno sound he will close the evening.

Resident DJ's Remedy and Meister will be present also (off course!) and keep on supporting the FORM-concept thru 2008.

FORM presents The Talentroom!
Omdat dj Sandeep van de partij is 24 november, hebben we besloten dat onze talenten een uitgebreide promotiecampagne ondergaan via de Love2Party Talentroom.
Verwacht overigens de beste minimal en electro house van deze veelzijdige dj!
De rest van onze scherpe line-up is te vinden in onze maandelijkse nieuwsbrief
Op de hoogte blijven van FORM? Laat je mail-adres achter op de info and dates pagina!

FORM the podcast is a fact!
Click the button below or just copy this feed: form.xml  into your "subscribe to podcast window"

FORM @ Myspace:
FORM on Myspace! Check:

Dj Rockid's fresh cuttin mixtape:
Gisteren is dj Rockid toegevoegd aan de FORM database. Direct is zijn nieuwste mixtape online gezet en nu via FORM te beluisteren!!!

King Con's latest mix added:
Vandaag heeft dj King Con zijn laatste mix naar FORM gestuurd, vlak nadat hij zijn remixcontract met Bellarine Records tekende. Check out his latest mix in the database section!

FORM the radioshow is a fact!
Iedere laatste zaterdag van de maand zal dj Remedy een show hosten op Pure.Fm! Het delftse talent kan vanaf nu wereldwijd beluisterd worden!
Eerste editie 29 juli 2007 van 1700 tot 1900 uur : Remedy & King Con

FORM the movie is ready!!!
Check out the mediasection!!!

FORM 25 augustus is rond!!!

Wederom zal FORM met een spectaculaire sound komen, een vette show, bizarre visuals, live-painting artists en veel meer. Ieder kwartaal het mini-indoor-festival van Delft!

Voor 25 augustus zijn er maar liefst 8 artiesten aangetrokken om van FORM een topavond te maken. En nee, ze komen niet om maar een half uurtje te draaien, deze avond zal in het teken staan van de back2back, teaming up, battle sessies! De hele avond zullen de teams elkaar uitdagen de allerbeste tracks uit de tas te trekken!!!

8 decks, 3 mixers, fx, 4 Teams, 8 topartiesten:

King Con & Doc Rogers (progressive session)
Remedy & KruH
(diesel-u-music house/electro session)
Meister & Friendly Fire
(LIVE! electro/minmal session)
(minimal/techno session)



In 2005 there was not much going on in Delft. Much improvement could be done especially in the dance scene. Therefore, two dutch djs from Delft, Remedy en Robin Sl, started FORM.
FORM-music would be progressive house, electro, techno and breaks; underground dance-music brought in a commercial way. FORM-visuals would be more than just graphics beamed on a wall, they should interact with the music. All this had to be mixed-up with live pop music. The first real event was a big success. At 'FORM presents CUBE during the Delft City Beats festival all their ideas became reality.
In 2006 a new member became a part of FORM. Micha de Bie introduced the concept of live-painting to the party. FORM was complete. On a normal Saturday evening the people of Delft got a brand new concept, where electronic dance music and visuals mixed up with live pop music and art.

After gigs at the IO-festival, 3 times at bar MIJ and a very nice evening at Lorre, FORM will be found at Speakers Delft during the year 2007.
Our mission is simple. Get all the right ingredients, mix them up and youll get FORM.
FORM is like a small indoor festival. You will hear live pop music combined with pounding electronic dance music and in between you will see fine art and visuals.
The audience will get the chance to meet all kinds of people and disciplines. You will look trough the eyes of an artist while he or she paints the décor and perhaps buy one of the pieces after the party.
See the dj how he battles with the pop musician and listen to the newest French electro, American progressive house and the best minimal from the German underground.
But also talents are a part of FORM. We give upcoming talents the chance to prove themselves for an audience that expect only the very best. Therefore there will be 2 new talents at each FORM event.
To experience FORM, just check the info and dates section for the upcoming event.
We will bring the best upcomming musicians and artists to play and perform on the highest possible level!