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Ever since I successfully mixed-in two records, I got infected with the dj-virus.

That was 1,5 years ago, and when I force myself to look back on the time passed, I guess I came a long way since those two barely mixed-in tekno-records I played in a friend's living room.

So here we go...a short biography of 1,5 years of dj-ing:


It all started out with tekno, when I got bored with the music and that scene I decided it wasn't the thing for me, and I started to play really sleazy electro (which I still do today). After that it was pretty much the same-old hippie-story; being absolutely out of my mind on acid in a park with some friends, I first heard Shpongle and Younger Brother who made me dig deeper and deeper in to the obscure and lovely world of electronic music, which eventually led me to playing what I love playing most: Goa, Psy-trance and chilled-out psychedelica.

My first gigs were at parties organized by friends; nothing fancy, just playing music, barely mixing, having a great time. After a couple I decided I needed a lot of practice to keep up with guys I used to play with; so I did. Sometimes standing in my living-room for 38-hours a week or so; being nothing other than a real mix-junkie.

This finally resulted in being asked to perform at the Skate-jam Festival, mixing my first-ever Goa-trance set. In order to do the gig I had to have a good name, one that would stick and fit, since it was going to be on flyers and posters around town, and so I was given the name IdeFixe by my good fried Phantom. And it made immediate sense. 'Idee fixe' is the Latin term for being focused on a single idea, it's simply an obsession; and with me being all frantic about mixing and all, it fitted right away. Idefix also happens to be the name of the dog of comic-book hero Asterix, who I have admired ever-since I was a little kid. On top of all of that; one of my favorite psy-trance records ever (Tel Aviv) has been made by psy-trance superstar Astrix. So…it all made perfect sense.

After a while, the gigs came in slowly but sure, making 2007 the busiest year I have ever had; working two jobs to maintain my collection-expansion-frenzies, often playing at legal and illegal parties in the weekend, and loving it!

The 12th of May 2007 was the night I made my first club-appearance at the FORM-party organised by Dj's Remedy and Meister, which was an absolute blast, and a great way to gather some more experience. A couple of weeks later I was asked to close-up the chill-out at the annual Blikopener Festival Party, which was exactly one year after I made my first actual public appearance in the booth (Also at the Blikopener Festival).  And this year it became clear to me that I had done a very good job the past year, and so did the Blikopener crew, because I had never seen such a nicely decorated area in my life.


All of this happened so fast, leading to hilarious discussions and unreal situations such as the one I'm going to describe now; exactly three days after the lovely Blikopener-weekend, I was asked by CRX from Greece to become a label-dj for his Greece-based upcoming dark-psy and psy-trance label called Helicon Sound System ( H.S.S. Records), and I did. That's where I am at now, and like Headroom put it: 'The Future begins today ladies and gentlemen…more sophisticated, more intelligent and of course…'

Love & Light. IdéFixe.


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