12 May 2007 FORM @ Speakers Delft





The line-up for this next party:

The year 2006 was a good year for FORM. Therefore we decided that we had to go on with our concept and put even more effort in the whole act, just to give the delft crowd something special.
This edition and the next 3 to come,  FORM will make sure they keep their promise and give young talents the chance to perform on a processional stage (Steelo and IdéFixe).
We will also bring talented pop artists (like drummer Jornt-Jan) to perform with our resident dj Remedy, which will end in a true battle between dance and pop music. The evening would be incomplete if we didn't ask a well known live-act (Longplayers), live painting artists (Zerahja Kartono and Micha de Bie) and the veejay (Baseground & Klebowax) to give their best.
Ending the evening with our resident Meister is the best way to end a FORM-event!

 23:00 - 05:00

entrance 7 euro - members 6 euro


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